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     pexels-photo-733854.jpeg  Hi !! I am Bhargavi Rathour. Welcome to my first blog post !! Let me first tell you a little about myself , I am an Indian & currently staying in the USA . I am a homemaker and I  live here with my small family , my husband & two kids .I strongly believe in god. My hobbies are singing , dancing , writing , &  preparing  new recipes . I always feel like, doing something creative, something new. Somewhere, I always felt to share my views  and  ideas with others & I guess blogging is the best platform for that . “@foodbeautyart” is my first blog ever. I was looking for  a small name for my blog , a name with minimum words that could describe the purpose of my blog , @foodbeautyart seemed ideal to me.  I hope my views & ideas would be able to connect to you.  I am excited & nervous too for this new journey. Well , Here are the things that I will be sharing about :-

  •  Food recipes

  • Beauty tips

  • Art & Craft

  • Parenting

  • Relationships

  • My experiences and much more…

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    Happy weekend 🙂 !!flowers-background-butterflies-beautiful-87452.jpeg